The 2nd CDE Program by Indian Dealer On T-pro Files Took Place In Mumbai

Mar 09, 2020

The 2nd CDE Program by Indian Dealer On T-pro Files Took Place In Mumbai

Following the first successfully held CDE program by the Indian dealer of Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd in Mumbai,the second one took place in March 8th.This course was lectured by the endodontic expert Dr. Akriti Goel.It was divided into 2 parts:the theoretical session and the hands-on session.

In the first part,Dr. Akriti introduced the knowledge of endodontic treatment,features and advantages of T-pro files.While in the second part,hands-on practice was conducted by each participant under her guidance.


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              Each participant was allocated a T-pro hands-on training kit to conduct simulative root canal preparation

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After completion of this CDE,each participant gained more and deeper understanding on root canal therapy and instrumentation.In addition,students discovered a heat-treated T-pro file system with proved cutting efficiency and durability and predictability.


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